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1. Lead the clinical application pathway planning of MS-based protein kits and participate in product pipeline development planning according to the overall enterprise-level strategy.

2. Follow the academic frontier progress in precision medicine and proteomics, follow the development trend of the industry and provide scientific medical survey and evaluation for new project proposals in the focused fields of the company.

3. Take responsibility for the scheme formulation of the development of biomarkers and clinical research; supervise the progress of projects and assist in solving medical-related issues.

4. Lead clinical cooperation and translational efforts, and work with various departments to promote the establishment and improvement of new clinical product development processes.

5. Establish good cooperative relations with key medical experts in various fields and participate in the communication with NMPA reviewers.

6. Assist in the formulation of new product promotion strategies, and provide medical support for product design, marketing activities and report interpretation.

7. Represent the company to attend important academic conferences and make academic reports, write, and publish project outcomes.



1. Clinical medicine related majors, master’s degree or above (doctor’s degree preferred).

2. Minimum 3 years of clinical experience in hospital or working experience of medical products in multinational enterprises with NGS or MS product experience preferred.

3. Have experience in designing clinical trial protocols and are familiar with all aspects of clinical trial practices.

4. Have good strategic thinking, excellent organizational and collaboration skills, and professional presentation and training skills.

5. Rich clinical KOL resources and management experience.

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