Patent 03 | DIAT

Westlake Omics

March 04 , 2020

DIAT is data analytics of molecular omics data structure based on data-independent acquisition of mass spectra.

The mass spectrum data structure is the DIAT tensor data generated from the raw data of the mass spectrum.The DIAT tensor data is highly complete, easy to read and fast to read. The size of the DIAT file is only one tenth of the mzXML file. Through the visualization of the pooled DIAT file image, the DIA mass spectrum data can be directly observed and used directly, avoiding the operation of extracting ion chromatographic peaks with a large amount of calculation. It allows the direct modeling into a computer deep learning model for clinical sample classification based on this file format. With the increase in the quality and quantity of DIA data, the potential of the technology of the present invention in clinical diagnosis can be foreseen, and it will provide a new solution for disease classification and diagnosis.