Spatial Proteomics “ProteomEx”

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We now usually do proteomics research on the whole tissue level, as tissues are usually composed of cells with significant heterogeneity, the proteomics workflow at present often loses the spatial information of proteins. Spatial proteomics technology, which focuses on protein spatial localization, can now be used to reveal the complex structure of the human proteome. ProteomEx is the prefix abbreviation of “proteomics” and “expansion”, which means expansive proteomics. This new technology can be applied to the current popular spatial proteomics service. It applies the expansive hydrogel to clinical tissues so that the sample can be enlarged on the basis of maintaining its original shape, which will then be cut accurately. The cut samples can subsequently be used to do proteomics analysis.

ProteomEx Workflow

Mass Spectrometer

Bruker timsTOF Pro


High stability expanded hydrogel + high-resolution microscopic imaging + high-sensitivity 4D-DIA


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