Westlake Omics Honored at 2021 Venture 50


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The Venture50 list was started by Zero2IPO Ventures, which was founded in 2006 by the Zero2IPO Group, a pioneer in China’s entrepreneurship and investment industry. With over 16 years of history, the list has been a performance barometer of China’s VC/PE institutions and an authoritative reference for fundraising and investment. It has witnessed countless outstanding start-ups transforming from "new buds" to unicorn companies. As of November 2021, the total number of competing start-ups for the list has exceeded 70,000. Enterprises which are included in the Venture50 list in the past three years have a follow-up financing rate of 68.5%, with a listing rate of about 28%. Zero2IPO Ventures has helped raise more than 34 billion US dollars for these companies.


Founded in July 2020, Westlake Omics is an AI-empowered micro-world data company. Westlake Omics is aimed at boosting precision medicine and drug research and development by integrating technological innovations in proteomics and multimodal big data. Westlake Omics has now gathered more than 80 highly qualified talents with diverse backgrounds such as biology, medicine, and AI. At present, Westlake Omics has established cooperation with over 100 renowned universities and research institutes, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies from both China and abroad and is the owner of 3 national patents and 10 computer software copyrights.


Xuanmin Xu, vice president of Westlake Omics's Corporate Affairs Department, said, “As a start-up, Westlake Omics is very honored to be selected for the Venture 50 new buds’ list in its second year. As an AI-empowered and proteome-driven precision medical technology platform, Westlake Omics has been committed to continuously optimizing the proteome analysis technology of trace biological samples based on mass spectrometry while exploring innovative targets in the field of AI pharmaceuticals and will continue to contribute to biological computing in the future.”

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