Prof. Mark S. Baker, PhD

Honorary Professor @ Macquarie Medical School, Macquarie University; Co-Principle Investigator and Scientific Steering Committee Member π-HuB (Proteomic Navigator of the Human Body Project); Previous CEO and Director, Australian Proteome Analysis Facility; Past President, Human Proteome Organization (HUPO); Past Chair, global Human Proteome Project (HUPO HPP).

Dr. Luonan Chen

Researcher at Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Principal Professor at Hangzhou Institute for Advanced Study, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences; Executive Director of Key Laboratory of Systems Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Dr. Zhongzhi Luan

The deputy director of Sino-German Joint Software Institute of School of Computer Science and Engineering at Beihang University

Dr. Changzheng Yuan

Research professor and doctoral supervisor at Zhejiang University School of Public Health.

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